April 26, 2012

"Furry Flatmate"

Roommates moved out? 
Time to move the dog in. 
Welcome to Stratford Court, Raine!
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April 21, 2012


I'm graduated!
BA in Japanese (emphasis in translation)
from Brigham Young University.

I am so grateful Grandma Bowden-Sanders and Uncle Fred came out!

And Grandpa and Grandma Weiss!
{And thank you to everyone who sent cards and well wishes!}

Happy Sumo was an appropriate choice for celebrating a Japanese degree, methinks.

Delicious miso salmon.

And my favorite, mochi ice cream!

To repeat everyone's question: "What's next?"
Traveling, living everywhere, matriculating as much as I can from life. 
Just because the textbooks shut doesn't mean it's time to stop learning.
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April 14, 2012


I believe there are many people who can make you happy, 
but only a very small palmful can make you feel heavenly.

However, this song is beautiful, 
and very worth re-covering. 
Hope it soothes you. 

{♪ "Soulmate" © Natasha Bedingfield}
{image © respective owner}
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April 10, 2012

"Remember Me"

Here's a little composition 
I made for my novel, "Petrichor".

One of the most heartbreaking moments in life 
is when something you hold sacred 
is forgotten.

{"Remember Me" © Ashley Serena}
{"Memoirs of a Geisha", "House of Flying Daggers", "Game of Thrones" © Respective Owners}
{image © Jaime Ibarra}
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April 5, 2012

"Kate's Mission Call"

Roommie Kate got her mission call!
Whoo, so proud of her!

{"Pa' Bailar - Siempre Quiero Mas (feat. Julieta Venegas)" © Bajofondo}
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