Just a few of my favorites. :)

{Images © Envision Image Photography}


Anonymous said...

They are all so good and my heart sings a little joyful song because you look so happy!!!xoxox

La Femme Nikita said...

You guys look so great! I am totally tearing up looking at these pics because I am so happy for you two!!! You look beautiful and radiant. Your shoes are awesome. There are so many pics that are just incredible, especially the reflection in the piano. The fourth from the bottom, full length with kind of a sassy, serious look. Girl, you look good. I know we had beach in the background, but snow background is magical as well. The chandeliers and buildings are just so great. Can't wait to see you invitations. I guess you'll have to pic your favs to send to our Dad to have BIG pics at the reception.

La Femme Nikita said...

Oh, and I forgot to say how beautiful your lace dress is.