October 17, 2014

"The Last Unicorn" (feat. Karliene)

You know someone is a true talent when they inspire you so easily, just by talking with you. Karliene has such a mastery of her voice, and to have the chance to bring her onto a project so close to my heart is truly a dream come true.

"The Last Unicorn" was one of my favorite films as a child. I've been wanting to do a tribute for a while now, but it just wasn't coming together. When Karliene joined this project, I immediately knew the direction I wanted to take, and with her beautiful voice, was able to complete this dream. I cannot thank her enough.

A huge thank-you also to Shady for his wonderful mixing/mastering skills!

Download here:

Vocals: Ashley Serena & Karliene
Instruments: Ashley Serena
Mixing/Mastering: Shady
Video: Karliene

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